Machine Learning & A.I. Primer Workshop - Machine Learning Spark

How are the best tech companies using machine learning & AI for their business?

Some examples are:
  • How tech companies use machine learning to predict house prices.
  • Using A.I. to identify the churn rate of telco customers.
  • Understanding human resource (HR) attrition rate
  • Predicting what customers are going to buy and suggest it on E-Commerce (like AirAsia...)
  • and more...

Introducing Machine Learning Spark

Have you ever felt you could technologies like machine learning & A.I. to improve the businesses and organizations?

Machine learning & artificial intelligence (AI) may seem far-fetched, but despite what people tell you, it really isn't too complex.

Machine Learning Spark is a full-day workshop that takes you right into the practical study, of how data scientist uses machine learning in real industry practices. You'll learn how to use the exact ML/AI tools, practice on real-world datasets and implement machine learning algorithms.

By the end of the workshop, you'll be able to implement machine learning algorithms in your own industry.

Who Should Join

Individuals - Are you someone who knows data is the future, but don't know where to start? Machine Learning Spark will get you right into it, plus, you'll meet with like-minded people.

Developers & Programmers - How do you future-proof yourself in the current economy? By adding the skills of a data scientist - machine learning & AI to your technical skillset.

Business Owners - You have probably seen the power of AI & machine learning on some mega-corporations like AirAsia. Join this workshop if you want to implement machine learning & AI algorithms, such as product recommendation engines in your business.

What if I don't know programming?

You do not need prior programming experience to follow this workshop. We'll teach you.
But, you need to be open to learning programming.

Who is Teaching?
You'll learn from two industry experts who will share real-world case studies and lessons on machine learning & AI with you.

Dr. Lau Cher Han - Chief Data Scientist, Founder of LEAD

Through his 15 years of experience in software development, database technologies, data mining, and big data analytics – Dr. Lau Cher Han has consulted companies such as Intel, Jabil, HP & IBM.

Dr. Lau has helped over 1000s of individuals break into a tech career.

Big Data Researcher, Microsoft Excel World Champion and in-house trainer for Standard Chartered, OCBC, Intel & Johor Corporation

Chong Theng Hui - Head of Artificial Intelligence at PLUS Malaysia
Theng Hui brings experience working with artificial intelligence from real-world industry use cases to Machine Learning Spark.

A former experienced principal digital architect before his current role at PLUS Malaysia as Head of Artificial Intelligence, Theng Hui is well versed in technology and data.

What Is The Content Of This Workshop?

1 - Introduction to Machine Learning
Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI), that gives computers the ability to automatically learn and improve itself.

Here, you’ll learn the core idea of teaching a computer to learn concepts using data and how it can be applied to various industry use cases.

2 - Features Engineering
How do you get most of your data for predictive modeling? Feature engineering is often the most difficult phase of your ML project, but it doesn’t have to be so. Learn the importance of features and the role they play – which you’ll use to improve the accuracy of your Machine Learning models.

3 - Logistic & Linear Regression
You’ll learn how to use logistic and linear regression to predict probability and perform classification.
Then predict a value output based on an input value with linear regression. Predictive model related algorithms will be covered and taught.

4 - K-Means Clustering
Use unsupervised learning to build models that help you to understand your data better.
Training on K-Means algorithm for clustering will enable you to learn groupings of unlabeled data points.

5 - Deep Learning
An introduction to neural networks and popular deep learning framework, Tensorflow, using a hands-on approach.
You’ll understand TensorFlow capabilities, an open-source software library for the purpose of conducting machine learning.

Learn more about Machine Learning Spark, on the website: https://www.thelead.io/machine-learning-spark

Sat Dec 15, 2018
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM MYT
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General Ticket SOLD OUT RM780.00
Venue Address
C-1-7 SUNWAY NEXIS, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya Malaysia